İkram Food, for over 20 years!

İkram Food, for over 20 years!

Best brands: İkramİpekDoysaMinas KavaPodravkaAromaMetinBaşhanDardanelDuruPınarPiyaleHacı Şakir available at İkram Food!

Great Own Brands

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Our goal is to make the delicacies of the Middle East accessible to a large audience. Since 2002 the name İkram stands for highest quality food and reliability. Our team is working around the clock for you.

New and rich in variety

Since we've launched our company we have constantly expanded our assortment. Enjoy finest quality oils, spicy pickles, aromatic noodles and many other delicacies with an oriental touch.

Own brands

The range of our in-house brands"Ipek" and "Ikram" includes rice, noodles, pickled cucumbers, hot peppers and much more.

Large distribution network

We are proud to be one of the largest importers of Turkish specialties in Germany. We ensure that your beloved delicacies always reach your local supermarket on time.

Top quality

Our most important motto is: Quality first! You can rely 100 percent on the fact that we test all products extensively before we include them in our assortment - and only the best make it there.

Best brands

If you know our distributors, you already realize that Ikram imports only the highest quality specialties.
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Best Brands
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Own brands

You might be wondering why we at Ikram have our own range of house brands? To answer this, we need to elaborate a bit:

Of course there are countless specialties to buy in the Middle East and especially in Turkey. However, some foods are traditionally sold in particularly large or very small containers. Others are usually purchased exclusively at the fresh food counter or sold loose by weight. In order to bring these fine dishes to you, we have designed a number of private labels that meet our particularly high standards. And of course those of our numerous regular customers.

Coffee is a very special topic for us. The love of coffee has linked Germans and Turks since time immemorial. In both countries, millions of cups of this delicious hot beverage are consumed every day. We are also big coffee fans, so it made sense for us to build our own brand in this field too. Our labels are "Minas Kava", "Istanbul Kahvesi", "Cafe Najjar" and "Türk Kahvesi". And we are overjoyed that many of our mochas and coffees are really popular even in Egypt, Morocco and Dubai!

Exclusively highest quality

You won't find any second-rate goods at Ikram, because we are the No. 1 importer of fine food from the Middle East - and we are keen to keep this position.

Our entire product range consists exclusively of well-known, reliable brand manufacturers. Many of them have been successfully in business for several years or even decades and enjoy great international popularity.

How do we guarantee that our first-class dishes will reach you in a consistent and satisfying quality? Well, we can rely on 20 years of experience and a great hard-working and dedicated team. We work quickly, cleanly and efficiently. Benefit from our know-how and the best brands Turkey has to offer.

With us you get olives and olive oil, various kinds of pasta and rice, vine leaves, beans and lentils, sunflower oil, tomato paste, sour cucumbers and much, much more. And of course we deliver the best Turkish Mocha in the world!

Best service

Once Ikram- always Ikram! That is our goal. We can already count over 50 wholesalers and supermarkets among our satisfied regular customers. Why is it like that? With us, service is still very important to us and the customer is the center of attention. We are optimally organized, work in a structured manner and, above all, hand in hand. This applies to our team as well as to our customers and business partners.

Do you have a special request or a very specific inquiry? We will certainly do everything we can to fulfill your wish!

Does the delivery have to be particularly fast? No problem, our experienced team will certainly manage it.

Do you need large quantities of a specific item? Our warehouses are well stocked - and with a little time ahead we can get you exceptionally high quantities at top prices.

Would you like to meet us individually? Wonderful, we would also be very happy to meet you in person!

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İkram Food, for over 20 years!


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